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Allow Excerpts Include in Tooltip text#75

I want to add Tooltips where the text is an Exceprt Include instead of static text. This will allow me to provide dynamic tooltip information from other pages.

a year ago

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. In order to better understand your case, could you share what exactly would you be trying to link? This might help us to build a solution for your issue.

Best regards,

Ane from Adaptavist

a year ago

Hi Anne,

Thanks for reaching out to me for more information. Here is my specific use case as an example.

I have Pages in Confluence where my team is maintaining documentation about the project in terms of UX, Design Concepts, Product Glossary, Lexicon, Technical details.

Most documentation both technical and product tend to use terminilogies from the Product glossary, Lexicon, Design Concepts to ensure the team is using consistent verbiage for communications. I want to be able to create Tooltips across all the Pages which map to the Excerpt in the Product Glossary, Lexicon, Design Concepts. This will ensure the verbiage is consistent across all pages and one can quickly view the definitions in the tooltip.

Today I can Include Excerpts in other pages but that breaks the flow of the content. I could alternatetively link them out to the glossary page but it is disruptive and not as seamless as a hover over tooltip.

Hope this helps! Please do let me know if you have any other questions for me. Thanks. Dhvani

a year ago

Hello @Dhvani Shah ,

Thanks for the detailed explanation of your use case, this is very useful for the team to identify improvement solutions.

Unfortunatelly, we currently don’t support your use case, but we will look into it and keep you updated on the status of the initiative.

In the meantime, we suggest that you create a page with all your tooltips and copy-paste them into different pages. We know that it won’t solve all your needs, but could help you optimize time.

Thanks again for your feedback, will keep in touch.


Anne from Adaptavist

a year ago
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a year ago