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Can we put page properties inside tabs?#53

I’m trying to create a master ‘form’ of data, split across tabs. This data is then fed to other pages via the ‘page properties report’.

The problem is, i cannot seem to add page properties within my tabs.

2 years ago

Hi there, thank you for sharing this with us.

Unfortunately, due to how Atlassian has built the Cloud version of Confluence, certain Macros can’t be inserted into other ones. Page Properties is one of the macros that can’t be placed inside tabs.

These are some alternatives we would propose:

Use the Excerpt Include’ macro inside tabs
Use the ‘Include Page’ macro inside tabs

Please, try these solutions and, if they don’t work for your use case, contact us again and we will try to look for alternatives. If you would prefer it, we could even set up a short call to work this through.

Thank you!

2 years ago

Thanks Aarauzo, I suspected as much :-)

I’ve already tried the Excerpt include macro and it gets close, but isn’t nearly as tidy - i’ll look at the ‘include page’ option and see what mileage i get with that.


2 years ago