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Tabs and Tabs Page#50


The old editor had 2 usefull macros: Tabs and Tabs Page.
The new editor seems to have a bad combination between these two.
Meaning that in the new editor you cannot posibly have tab in tab.
Lets say that you want some information structured in horizonal tabs, and in each horizontal tab you want to some vertical tabs. This was possible in the old editor, but in the new one there’s no way to do this.
Is there any chance that this functionality would be available in the new editor?

a year ago
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a year ago

Hi there,

Sadly not. You’re 100% right in saying that on Confluence server and the old editor on cloud we had these two macros. The choice to have only one macro comes down to how Atlassian treats nesting on the new editor. We simply can’t have a macro where a user can input content be in another in another macro of the same type. They have been very firm that they won’t make nesting (this feature) available for macros with bodies. We hope that this will change in the future.

The choice to keep our tabs with bodies on the new editor also means that we allow users to nest/add non-bodied macros to tabs (for example cards) which we believe is helpful.

We’ve included more details about which macros will work with tabs here:

As always we’re keen to hear more feedback, so please feel free to add more requests here or we’d be happy to offer a call.

a year ago